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Feature Stories

Fritz Chesnut and Dean Celine

Recently, the University of California, Santa Cruz Arts Division hosted a workshop with alumnus and noted artist Fritz Chestnut.

Junebug Sonnenberg

Like many students at University of California, Santa Cruz, Junebug Sonnenberg chose to come because of location. When looking at colleges they decided to pursue film, but weren’t interested in living in Los Angeles.

Adriana Gonzalez

Adriana Gonzalez, an administrative assistant for the music program, loves to take her cat, Leah, to the beach to let her dig holes in the sand. “She acts like a dog,” says Gonzalez.

Mike Dillon

Since graduating from University of California, Santa Cruz Mike Dillon has been credited in the production of over 100 films. His accomplishments include working on movies such as The Blind Side (2009), Gravity (2013), and 16 separate Marvel movies.

Lili Diaz

Lili Diaz would describe herself as someone who’s much less funny than she thinks she is. As a Santa Cruz native Diaz was excited to move back home after graduating from San Jose State University.

Edward Ramirez

As a member of the class of 2015 staff member Edward Ramirez has been a part of the University of California, Santa Cruz for the past twelve years.

Lauren Elscott

As a Santa Clarita native whose family moved to the San Jose area, it was important to Lauren Elscott that she stay near her family in college. When she visited the University of California, Santa Cruz and saw the lush greenery and beautiful surroundings she decided this was the place to be.

Chanel Chavira

After taking a tour of UC Santa Cruz, Chanel Chavira knew that she had found the perfect place to study. She loved the sheer beauty of the campus with its towering redwood trees and lush greenery, and how very different it was from the other UC campuses she had visited.
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Valéria Miranda

Valéria Miranda has several ideas about what she’ll do as the new director of the Mary Porter Sesnon Art Gallery at UC Santa Cruz.

Joseph Erb and John Brown Childs at the Fireside Chat (l-r)

Distinguished Professor Emeritus John Brown Childs enjoyed the fireside chat he and... [more]

Summer Rogers

Growing up in the San Fernando Valley, Summer Rogers sewed, knitted, and crocheted, like her mother and her grandmother. They also made quilts and even did some tatting, a way of making lace with a shuttle and thread, popular during the Victorian era.

Celeste Lagrange

Celeste Lagrange first wanted to be onstage in second grade when her twin brother acted in a play, and she got jealous. Then in high school in San Diego, her love of theater started in earnest.

Ricky Lomeli

Ricky Lomeli, the Music Department Manager at UC Santa Cruz, started playing drums in 5th grade. No one in his family played an instrument, but he had some friends in bands and thought it would be fun. 

Natalya Gonzalez

Natalya Gonzalez grew up in Los Angeles. As a kid, she loved to sketch and draw with pastels. She came to UC Santa Cruz to study biology since she was interested in research and all the labs on campus.

Martin Rizzo-Martinez

When he was just seven years old, Martin Rizzo-Martinez started wondering about colonialism and Indigeneity after learning about grandfather’s heritage. 

Dean Celine with her husband Dan Shimizu

Celine Parreñas Shimizu, Dean of the Arts and Distinguished Professor of Film and Digital Media was inducted into the Stanford University Multicultural Hall of Fame on October 20, 2023.

Preston Choi

Playwright Preston Choi met Rebecca Wear, a professor in UC Santa Cruz’s Department of Performance, Play, and Design, at San Diego’s Cygnet Theatre, where she was directing his friend’s play.

Irene Lisztig

While making Yours in Sisterhood, UC Santa Cruz professor and documentary filmmaker, Irene Lusztig, went to 32 states to film people reading and responding to letters sent to Ms. Magazine in the 1970s. 

Eurydice - original drawing by Saul Villegas of Moderno

When the myth about Eurydice is told it’s really the story of Orpheus: how he falls in love with her, how devasted he is when she gets bitten by a snake and dies, and how he goes to the underworld and pleads with Hades and ... [more]

Don Willilams

When Don Williams was in seventh grade, he signed up to be Michael Jackson singing “ABC” in a talent show. He looked forward to singing it before school. But then the boys who were going to play the Jackson 5 backed out.

mattie brice

mattie brice got into tech journalism in an unlikely way. She wanted to write about food, but she couldn’t afford a camera to take pictures of all those beautiful meals, so she started blogging and reviewing video games to get some practice.

Jaxon Chester

In the 2022-23 academic year, Jaxon Chester loved being the Media Production Team Leader for the Okinawa Memories Institute (OMI), a public history research project at UC Santa Cruz.

Karen Meece

After 16 years at UC Santa Cruz, working in the science division, Karen Meece is enjoying her role as the Executive Assistant to the Arts Dean, which she started last May.

Lisa Marie Rollins

Writer, director and new play developer Lisa Marie Rollins lived in the Bay Area for over 20 years and worked on new plays at many theaters there, including Berkeley Repertory Theatre, American Conservatory Theater, Shotgun Players, and Magic Theatre.