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Mike Dillon Fell in Love Filmmaking at an Early Age

Mike Dillon

Since graduating from University of California, Santa Cruz Mike Dillon has been credited in the production of over 100 films. His accomplishments include working on movies such as The Blind Side (2009), Gravity (2013), and 16 separate Marvel movies.

Dillon fell in love with film and filmmaking at an early age: “I've always been involved, consuming, admiring, participating in film and filmmaking,” says Dillon. His passion comes from his father who worked in independent and documentary filmmaking when Dillon was growing up. At home Dillon would use his family’s Betacam 6 to make stop-motion animation.

When he arrived at UC Santa Cruz he majored in film with a focus on production. He also took so many history classes that he was two short of double majoring. “I think that any education at any four year university is fantastic for personal growth,” says Dillon. “ I had a really rewarding four years at Santa Cruz. I think it got me out of my element.”

While attending UCSC Dillon enjoyed taking time for himself during his walks around campus getting from class to class. He is also a founding member of AEΠ (Alpha Epsilon Pi), the Jewish fraternity on campus. He structured the fraternity similarly to the Jewish youth group he was in during high school. “AEΠ was very involved in the community,” he says. “We did a lot of work with the Western Service Workers Foundation and other communities on campus.” Today Dillon still has ties to campus given that his sister Lindsey Dillon is an assistant professor of sociology here.

Immediately after graduating in 2005 he started working in the film industry. Dillon worked his way up and is now the head of production and managing director of Harbor Picture Company which is known for movies including Midsommer (2019) and the recently Oscar nominated May December (2023). “I love the fact that it takes an army, a whole community to, to craft a film,” says Dillon. “I love to collaborate with a lot of people and this is an art form you really have to. I love forming bonds, and just collaborating with folks.”

Along with collaborating on movies, Dillon is also an active member of the filmmaking community. He is a member of the Producers Guild of America where he is part of the post production committee.

When he’s not busy making the movies we all know and love, Dillon is spending time with his two young sons, Miles and Westin. “Fatherhood is a joy,” he says.