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Travel FAQs

Can I pay for another traveler’s expenses?

Paying for expenses for another traveler is not allowable unless you are a group leader of three or more people and are paying for the other group members’ expenses and/or you are one of two or more people sharing a hotel room. The traveler should pay and get reimbursed or work with UCSC staff to have expenses paid in advance or directly by UCSC.

Where can I locate the travel reimbursement forms?

The forms can be printed and completed using Acrobat Adobe Reader and the forms work best in Safari browser. Link for the forms provided below:

How do I complete the Travel Advance Request and Post Travel Forms?

Please do not print out the form and fill it in by hand. Complete the forms on-line, fill in all the information, use drop down menus so the form populates the necessary information needed.

What can I use a Travel Advance Request Form (TAR) for?

  1. You can receive an early reimbursement for out of pocket expenses
  2. You can receive a trip number to purchase a flight or book hotels
  3. You can request a cash advance for anticipated expenses

Please note you will need to complete a Post Travel Form within 45 days of the return of your trip if you have submitted a TAR

Can I drive to my destination rather than fly?

Depending on the distance of your destination, if you use your personal vehicle in lieu of airfare, you will need to include a flight comparison and the lesser of the following costs will be reimbursed. The airfare quote (flight comparison) will need to be attached to your Post Travel form, please receive the airfare quote prior to the departure of your trip.  You can use Connexxus to receive the airfare quote. You will need your personal automobile to be insured.

What receipts are needed to support proper documentation?

Original itemized receipts or documentation from the vendor that contains the price and payment method. Monthly credit card statements alone will not suffice as supporting documentation.

I can’t find my original receipts, what should I do?

Regarding lost original receipts for lodging, rental car, airfare, conference registration fees and any other expense over $75.00 itemized receipts are required.

If you can’t locate the original receipts and all measures to obtain a duplicate receipt from the vendor have been exhausted, please attach a note including to the Post Travel form explaining why original receipts are not included with the Post Travel form.  You will need to attach a statement that includes a statement showing the correct amount was actually paid and charged (bank statement or credit card statement).  Please include a statement that states you will not seek reimbursement from any other source for the same missing receipt. We will need to seek the Arts Dean signature for an exception to policy.

Can I purchase a “bundle” airfare and lodging package?

No, purchase of a “bundle” package obtained through an Internet travel agency that does not provide a detailed receipt or invoice identifying the costs of airfare hotel and incidentals is unallowable.

Where can I find the currency converter?

Currency converter link:

Please make sure to convert each receipt and change purchase date to reflect the correct purchase date on each receipt.

Where can I find foreign per diem rates by location?

Please use this link for foreign per diem rates by location: