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Plantronics Invests in the Arts Division

Plantronics has very generously supported the Arts Dean’s Fund for Excellence and the Institute of the Arts and Sciences for the past three years, with a total of $150,000 in corporate support. Known for their revolutionary audio technology, including inventing the world’s first headset in outer space, Plantronics’ association with UC Santa Cruz is an ideal partnership.

"UCSC's tradition of innovation built on the values of social and environmental responsibility mirror our philosophy at Plantronics," said Plantronics CEO Ken Kannappan. "We’re proud to support the UCSC Arts Division's work, especially its efforts to bridge arts and sciences disciplines to drive collaboration and positive social change.” 

In the past year alone, the Arts Dean’s Fund for Excellence has been used to support over 130 unique projects including: support for graduate student research trips; undergraduate internship opportunities in film, music, and theater; scholarship funds for the African American Theater Arts Troupe; visiting artists, including a prominent member of the deaf community who performed Shakespeare to a full house; support for faculty book publications; support for students participating in festivals and scholarly conferences, including a graduate student screening his film at Cannes, and much more.  

Many outstanding programs at the Institute of the Arts and Sciences have also been supported by the Arts Dean’s Fund for Excellence, including LASER (Leonardo Art & Science Evening Rendezvous), which is a national program of evening gatherings that bring artists, scientists, and scholars together for informal presentations and conversations.

“The support Plantronics has provided us over the past three years has been incredible, and has provided some exceptional opportunities to our students and faculty,” said Arts Division Dean David Yager, who is currently on a one-year sabbatical.  “Partnering with Ken and his team at Plantronics has been incredibly inspiring for all of us in the Arts Division.”

Plantronics community investment efforts focus on human services, education and the arts. For over 50 years, Plantronics has helped people stay connected regardless of the device location, from the first man on the moon to pioneering the next generation of mobile communication solutions. Plantronics believes that Global Citizenship refers to the values of promoting environmental health, reducing their environmental footprint, and being a socially responsible citizen. Founded in 1961 in Santa Cruz, Plantronics has offices in 20 countries.

Pictured: Plantronics CEO Ken Kannappan