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If you are interested in learning how you can set up an endowment or scholarship fund, or would like to contribute to an existing fund, please contact the Arts Development office at 831-459-5507.


Pioneer Faculty Endowed Fund- A Legacy for the Future of the Arts
One or more annual awards given by the Dean of the Arts Division in honor of a faculty member to encourage faculty/student/artist mentoring, to retain and foster talent, and/or to encourage innovative education at UCSC by assisting current and future students and faculty in achieving their goals.

History of Art and Visual Culture (HAVC)

The Pat and Rowland Rebele Chair in Art History

To provide an ongoing source of support to ensure permanent funding for students, faculty and programs.


Ali Akbar Khan Classical Indian Music Endowment

Established in 1999 in honor of Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, renowned master of the Sarode and the worthy offspring of the late Padua Vibhusan Acharya Allauddin Khan, India’s greatest musician since the legendary Mian Tansen. The funds from this endowment help support and enhance coursework and creative activity in classical Indian music. This Endowment enhances instruction by sponsoring visiting performers and scholars, workshops, public performances, research and future archives, and providing for other activities not normally funded as part of classroom instruction. Although primarily intended to support classical Indian music, a portion of the endowment payout of the Ali Akbar Khan Endowment for Classical Indian Music may be used to enrich closely related activities in the arts and cultures of India.

Kamil and Talat Hasan Endowed Chair in Classical Indian Music

Established in 2000 to enhance the curriculum in classical Indian music at UC Santa Cruz, this endowment supports the costs of distinguished visiting artists to teach and perform, while promoting public concerts of classical Indian music, and providing other enhancements to classroom curricula. The Hasan Endowment is contingent upon the continuing commitment of the Arts Division to fund the professorial position.

Maxwell Willes Endowment for Ergonomic Musical Development

Based on Willes’ vision of finding alternatives for classic instruments that would facilitate musical achievement for those with disabilities, this fund supports the research and design of ergonomically correct musical instruments.

Siegfried B and Elisabeth Mignon Puknat Endowment

Provides support for all programs within the Music Department.

The Instrumental and Vocal Instruction Endowed Fund

Established in 2006, this fund supports the Department of Music by providing funds to pay the salaries of distinguished performers who provide ongoing individual instrumental and vocal instruction to students.

Sesnon Gallery

Charles Griffin Farr- A Endowments

This fund is used for collection management of Charles Griffin Farr works.  To promote awareness of the collection, the Sesnon Gallery Director hosts a Charles Griffin Farr exhibition every four years.

Charles Griffin Farr- B Endowments

This fund is used generally for Sesnon Gallery programming; inviting nationally known artists who will increase reputation/visibility of the Sesnon Gallery and the UCSC campus as a cultural destination for the arts.