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Social Practice Arts Research Center (SPARC at UCSC)

Bringing together art practice, radical pedagogy and the resources of the institution.


Please learn more about UC Santa Cruz's Social Practice Arts Research Center (SPARC) at


UC Santa Cruz's Social Practice Arts Research Center fosters knowledge exchange and project building between artists, scientists, the public and others with a vision towards active social and environmental change. Working across disciplines, we aim to engender and support collaborations and projects that have a local, national or international impact on the public sphere.

We support and fund initiatives that invite critical dialog and knowledge exchange across disciplines with a social and environmental focus. Our current initiative explores the ethics and impact of socially engaged art projects. SPARC projects endeavor to promote the role of the arts and the development of arts research through community building. We have a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Mission statement:

• increase the flow of ideas and art actions in real social contexts
• position art making and the creative process as research
• foster creative exchange, build critical dialog and promote social consciousness in art, education and life