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Considerations for Preliminary Planning

Things to Consider for Your Event Planning

(NOTE: The Arts Events Office doesn't provide event planning services, but we are happy to consult with you.)

We recommend that you put your planning efforts in motion at least 4-6 months in advance. (You and your team may need to start planning 12-18 months in advance to put everything in place, depending on the complexity of your event.)

Here's a partial list of questions to consider.

Items You Should Consider in Your Preliminary Planning

  1. Do you have the financial and human resources to put on a successful event?
  2. Do you need to book speakers or performers?
  3. Will you need to book travel and/or accommodations for artists / performers / presenters?
  4. Do you need to secure a venue?
  5. Which UCSC accounts (FOAPALs) will be used?
  6. Which Arts Division department or unit will guarantee payment of expenses?
  7. Have you budgeted for all realistic expenses?
  8. Will you need to hire artistic or administrative support staff? Will you need to train them?
  9. Will you be inviting the Chancellor's participation? The Dean's?
  10. Will you need to secure the professional services of a caterer or a graphic designer?
  11. Do you have the funding and the lead time required to achieve the results you want?
  12. Will an advance promotional / marketing campaign be part of your planning?
  13. Will tickets be offered (for sale or free distribution)?
  14. Will you have special parking needs?

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