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2019 CEI Student Recommendation Form


Provide this recommendation form to a faculty member or staff who knows you well, especially for your qualities of responsibility and diligence. Please discuss your internship plans with the recommender and provide him/her with your application materials and any further information requested. Give your recommender ample time to complete this form.

PLEASE NOTE:  In sharing this form with a recommender, you waive your rights to inspect and review this recommendation form, with the understanding that the document will be used only for purposes of evaluating your qualifications for the proposed internship(s), and will not be available to any other institution or private party.

Faculty or Staff Recommender: 

This confidential form is a component of the student’s application for Creative Entrepreneurship Internship (CEI) Program and will NOT become part of this student’s permanent record. Due to the responsible nature of this program, leadership ability, mature judgment, and self‐confidence are necessary qualities for a successful candidate.  It is also desired that the candidate be open‐minded, enthusiastic, and dedicated.  Please be candid in your appraisal of the applicant. 

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Academic knowledge in chosen field *
Technical knowledge and skills in chosen field *
Relationship skills and ability to work with others *
Ability to express self in writing *
Ability to accept and give criticism *
Perseverance and self-motivation *
Ethical sensitivity *
Leadership ability *
Oral communication skills *