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Arts Professional Pathways

About Arts Professional Pathways

The Arts Division is committed to student success. The core mission of Arts Professional Pathways (APP) is to demystify the creative industries for our students and ensure equitable opportunity and access for those who have been historically excluded through discrimination and nepotism. We believe there is no excellence without equity, and there is no innovation without inclusion.

We provide undergraduate and graduate students with the resources and support necessary to generate opportunities in artistic fields, supporting the diversification of talent in community and business enterprises that urgently respond to the ‘new majority’ of California and beyond. While we help students chart their professional pathway in the arts through myriad interventions, APP focuses on two primary channels of support: Arts Professional Pathways Internship Scholarship; and Career Development Programming.

The APP program provides career development programming such as our annual Find Your Path! events where creative industry leaders showcase their organizations and their expertise with our students on developing a career pathway. In 2019 we launched a series of discipline-specific Arts Roundtable panels where we brought creative practitioners to share their experiences navigating the professional art world. Featured guests included Academy Award, Emmy Award and Tony-winning professionals. 

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