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Marguerite Brown

Marguerite Brown


Internship: Indexical

As a composer and performer working within the realm of music that has virtually no popular or commercial appeal, I know it’s important to cultivate other job skills.

Since moving to Santa Cruz last year, Marguerite has attended nearly every event that Indexical has produced, so when she found out that they needed interns, she knew it would be a perfect fit. “I appreciate their focus on programming music that lies outside of the aesthetic boundaries of major musical institutions,” she says.

With her talents deeply rooted in new chamber and experimental music, she wants to expand her horizons by cultivating arts administration and business skills and learning how they can enhance her future career choices.

“I look forward to working with my fellow graduate students to bring new and interesting artists to the Santa Cruz community. I’m specifically eager to learn more about booking, grant writing, and fundraising. Attending all of the concerts also will be an inevitable delight!”