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Paolo Rein

Paolo Rein


Internship: Sony Pictures

I want to lay a foundation for change within the film industry and offer a foundation for people of color, LGBTQ communities, and marginalized communities to have their stories accurately represented in cinema.

Paolo aspires to be a great storyteller and future entrepreneur, and became interested in the CEI program because it will allow him to gain real-world experience through his internship at Sony Pictures. “By working at Sony this summer,” he says, “I hope to gain more knowledge of what it’s like to work within the film industry and to diversify the film community.”

His future goals include creating a multimedia platform that will use storytelling, media, and film to give a voice to communities that are currently not well represented on film. Paolo wants to make videos from short narratives to short episodic documentaries that will challenge conventional thinking.

“My goal is to depict stories that can greatly inspire, inform, and impact the lives of audiences of all ages while providing the opportunity for individuals who have never had the opportunity,” he says.

Paolo especially appreciates what the CEI program can offer him because it aligns with his beliefs as a future creative entrepreneur. “Being an artist, one must discover and develop one’s voice and sensibility while honing down the necessary experience and craft of their desired field,” he says. “As a firm believer in challenging the status quo, what fascinates me the most is how unique the program is catered towards creative minds to gain hands-on experience and excel in today’s digital media age.”