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Reshma Zachariah

Reshma Zachariah


Internship: Funomena

As a Games and Playable Media major, game design and art-related internships are incredibly rare, and, if there are any, they are immensely competitive.

Being an avid game enthusiast who not only studies game creation but does it for fun outside of classes, Reshma is thrilled to have an opportunity at Funomena (a San Francisco independent game studio founded by Robin Hunicke, who’s also a UCSC associate professor in Games and Playable Media). She hopes to gain as much knowledge as possible about this growing and popular field.

“I expect that the mentorship and hands-on experience will give me an insider’s eye as to what is expected in the games and arts industry, and a good look at where I stand currently,” says Reshma. “I will come out not only with a new set of skills, but a better perspective of what I need to improve upon.”

Reshma wants to take her new-found knowledge and share various techniques, concepts and whatever she can with her peers at UC Santa Cruz. She’s also looking forward to making valuable connections at Funomena and absorbing as much wisdom as possible from the industry experts she’ll be working with so that she can improve her skills. “I think I’m going to have a lot of fun here!”