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Human Resources

Honoraria and One-Time Payments

There are several different forms for requesting a one-time payment. Since UCPath (our new payroll system) has went online, compensation policies have become stricter and more complicated, especially for staff members. 

1. If you need to pay someone who is a current UC Staff Employee, then please contact Laura Jackson. Each situation needs to be analyzed on a case-by-case basis. The further in advance this is done, the better.

2. If you need to pay someone who is a current UC Academic Employee, then please use this form. Please fill out as much of Part A as you can.

3. If you need to pay someone who is currently employed in both a staff position as well as an academic position, please use the UC Academic Employee form (this form).

4. If you need to pay someone who is NOT a current employee (and also not an employee at another UC campus), then please use the Direct Pay form.

For all requests, it is important to include details such as the event date, location, and description of the work done.

If you are aware that the person is an employee at another UC campus, please let us know.

Please send your completed one-time payment forms to Laura Jackson.

For more information on one-time payments, please see:

Additional Compensation Policy for Academic Employees

Additional Compensation Policy for Staff Employees (please see Subsection B7, Additional Cash Compensation)

Honorarium Payment Guide