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Reverend Billy

Occupy Earth & Justice
Thursday, May 24, 2012 - 3:30am
Porter College Dining Hall (UCSC)


Reverend Billy is an artist and activist from New York City. He and the NYC based radical performance company he founded, The Church of Stop Shopping, use creative strategies combined with grass roots organizing and media activism to challenge consumers, corporations and mysterious agents of the devil.  They are entertainers, artists, and earth-loving occupiers and performing regularly throughout the U.S. and Europe. They have produced two full length CD's, a television series (The Last Televangelist) and are the subject of multiple documentaries, including “What Would Jesus Buy?”, a Christmas movie by Morgan Spurlock.  Reverend Billy’s fourth book, The Twelve Apocalypses of Reverend Billy is due out in June. 

A Q&A led by Savitri D., the Church’s director, will follow the presentation.   

Free and open to the public. Contact: Beth Stephens, Art Department,


Sponsoring organizations:

Porter College, Arts Division, Digital Arts and New Media, History of Art and Visual Culture, Theater Arts Department, College 8, Kresge College, Education for Sustainable Living Program, Sesnon Gallery, Cantú Queer Center, Art Department