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VMCC Talk: Lana Lopesi, "Moana Cosmopolitan Imaginaries"

Wednesday, April 10, 2024 - 4:00pm to 6:00pm
Porter D245 (UCSC)
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History of Art and Visual Culture

Since the beginning of the second decade of this century, a digital native generation of Pacific or Moana artists have positioned themselves away from the narratives of displacement and non-belonging featured in the Moana art of previous generations, imagining their subjectivity in globally routed, yet locally rooted, ways. Premised on the diasporic, interconnected and cosmopolitan character of Moana life today, Lana Lopesi's "Moana Cosmopolitan Imaginaries" examines the way this generation of Moana artists imagine their subjectivities, their cultures and their places in the world through contemporary art.

Lana Lopesi (MNZM) is an Assistant Professor in the department of Indigenous, Race and Ethnic Studies, University of Oregon. There she teaches across her research areas of Pacific Islander studies, Indigenous feminisms and contemporary art. She is the author of False Divides (BWB, 2018); Bloody Woman (BWB, 2021), which was longlisted for the Ockham New Zealand Book Awards; and Pacific Arts Aotearoa (Penguin Random House, 2023). Lana is co-editor of Towards a Grammar of Race: In Aotearoa New Zealand (BWB,2022), Pacific Spaces: Translations and Transmutations (Berghahn Books, 2022) and co-founding editor of Marinade: Aotearoa Journal of Moana Art with Ioana Gordon-Smith.

This event is presented as part of the Visual & Media Cultures Colloquium (VMCC) Series.


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