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Arts Dean's Student Leadership Board

The Arts Dean's Student Leadership Board was established to promote communication and interaction among students, faculty, staff, and administrators. The board also provides students with more opportunities to offer their voices and perspectives about academic matters at the division level and to work toward constructive change. 

Holly Edelman, History of Art & Visual Culture, Undergraduate
Justin Hammer, Theater Arts, Undergraduate
Nick Hidy, Music, Undergraduate
Shireen Nabatian, Graduate, Music
LuLing Osofsky, History of Art & Visual Culture, Graduate
Dorothy Santos, Film & Digital Media, Graduate
Erin Single, Digital Arts & New Media Program, Graduate
Cassidy Skillman, Art, Undergraduate
August Stevens, Film & Digital Media, Undergraduate
Angeleen Tan, Arts Games & Playable Media, Undergraduate
Amber Zepf, Theater Arts, Graduate

Holly Edelman

Justin Hammer

Nick Hidy

Shireen Nabatian

LuLing Osofsky

Dorothy Santos

Cassidy Skillman

August Stevens

Angeleen Tan

Amber Zepf