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B. Ruby Rich on Activist Film

Researching the intersection between film and social movements

"I'm always happy when I'm researching something that has an impact or when I'm trying to figure out something that's going on and hunting for clues. My early work was focused mainly on feminist film. That gave way to focusing on "New Queer Cinema" and going further into LGBT peoples. New Queer Cinema became a marketing tag and helped me spead the gospel, a way to sell tickets and get phones picked up. I've never stopped commenting on it... and I still enjoy it.

"I've been involved for a long time in Latin American film, fighting for a space in the US for them and pushing them forward. I even keep up with the festivals; going to Havana, Guadalajara and have even gotten awards and requests to write a new anthology, Latin American Women Directors. I never let go of areas, they keep spiraling! I always look at documentary though. I look at how the students we teach should be very versitile in dealing with all kinds of topics."