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Zach Corse: Encodings in Space and Time

Gravitational physics, information theory, ice mechanics and city street lamp design

"Encodings in Space and Time," by Digital Arts and New Media MFA alum Zach Corse, is an immersive, large-scale installation influenced by gravitational physics, information theory, ice mechanics, and city street lamp design.  It presents a post-minimalist reimagining of a nighttime boulevard punctuated by street lamps illuminating the path ahead.  Poured into the installation's design are aesthetic forms distilled from the artist's study of gravitational lensing, a result of Einstein's thoery of general relativity, and irreversible transformations on Earth wrought by human hands.  

Zach Corse is an artist and a physicist.  He takes as much pleasure in studying relativistic physics and quantum mechanics as he does designing sculptures and digital installations.  He finds that his studies in physics inform his work as an artist, and his work as an artist motivates his study of physics.

Zach Corse, "Encodings in Space and Time", 2016