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Computing Support Standards

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For your University workstation, we will always supply:
  1. Full-disk encryption — Strong protection for everything on your hard drive.  Should your computer ever be lost or stolen, the data on it is inaccessible by anyone but you.  Read more about full-disk encryption here.
  2. The current version of Microsoft Office.
  3. Google Backup and Sync — Backs up your files to your UCSC Google space.  Replaces Retrospect.  Read more about Backup & Sync here.
  4. Jamf — Distributes software and keeps track of computers.  Replaces and improves on Keyserver.  Allows you to install (or reinstall) the latest software that we provide with one click.  Allows us to keep track of our entire inventory automatically.  Read more about Jamf here.  
  5. Self-Service Arts.  More on this below.
  6. An Arts IT account, our administrative account that helps us keep things running smoothly.

Self-Service Arts

Self-Service Arts is a kind of dashboard that we install on your computer.  When you start up this app, it connects to our Jamf server and gives you access to software we have licensed.  That includes:

  • Acrobat
  • Sentinel One
  • Office
  • Backup and Sync
  • VPN -- Cisco AnyConnect
  • Zoom
  • Quick Support