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Web Upgrade Features & Benefits

Web Upgrade Features & Benefits

Completely new design

  • New color scheme.  Section color changes differentiate various types of content.
  • Larger images everywhere, with captions.
  • Additional "Inline images" in stories — possible to embed multiple images in body text.
  • Updated typography throughout.  Typography uses Google Fonts:  your browser downloads fonts from the cloud as needed.  Additional text styles — lead-ins, multiple subhead styles.
  • More compliant with the Americans with Disabilities act — screen-reader friendly, careful attention to contrast for low-vision users, video captioning underway.

Responsive design — looks appropriate on all devices

New content, with an emphasis on “Show the Work”

  • Faculty videos — short clips on research, pedagogy.
  • "Works by Current Students" -- individual pages of creations by students from all departments and programs, with the ability to include video (Vimeo, YouTube or upload), audio (SoundCloud or upload), still images, or slideshows of still images.
  • New individual pages for staff, all with new portraits.

Simplified organization 

  • Good stuff not buried, e.g. faculty videos and student works at top of the home page.
  • Find things easier — bigger, clearer, simplified navigation.
  • All divisional units and staff organized in one simple section. 
  • “Resources and Tools” section — quick administrative links.
  • Robust search function.

Find content by department and by divisional themes

  • Cross-cutting research and pedagogical themes developed in consultation with all departments.
  • Student works and faculty videos organized both by department and by theme.

"For students" section