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Computing Staff, 1993 - 2004

Andrew Baldock, Software Engineer at Sight Machine

Nathan Brunskill, Videography and postproduction.  Nate's IMDb page and home page

Matt Cantu, Information Security Engineer at Google

Zachary Davis, Co-founder of Assembly restaurant and the Penny Ice Creamery

Ivan Dramaliev

Nick Farwell, Stage Operations Supervisor, ACT Theater, Seattle

Chris Gutierrez

Peregrin Harris-Marshall

Mimi Hill

Ivan Huang

Dedi Hubbard

Ben Jaffe, Software Engineer at Facebook, specializing in video

Sakura Kelly

Anne Koob-Huber

Rob Lord

Eric Mack

Brian Moffet

Derek Powazek

Rob Robertson

Michael Stevens

Angela Thalls

Jimmy Walker

Matthew Widener