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Graduate Student Instructors 

Please submit the Graduate Student Instructor's (GSI's) updated CV, a department letter from the Chair addressed to the Dean, and CCI approval (see below) to Laura Jackson to request a GSI appointment.

Please use the following form to request CCI approval for a graduate student teaching assignment: CCI Student Petitition Request Online Form and forward the email approval to Laura Jackson once you receive it. You must use this form even if the GSI teaching request meets the criteria for CCI blanket approval, as the form captures the approval of the department chair and the dean.

The department letter from the Chair should include details such as the proposed title (Associate In or Teaching Fellow), proposed salary rate, begin and end dates of the appointment, percent time, who the GSI's faculty mentor will be, information about the course the GSI is teaching, and why a GSI is teaching the course instead of a faculty member.

Partial Fee and Tuition Remission for Academic Student Employees (Effective 2019-2020)

Academic Student Employees (e.g. TAs, Graduate Student Instructors, Readers who are graduate students) qualify for partial fee and tuition remission if they are appointed at least 25% time or greater, in all Academic Student Employee and other appointments combined. Partial fee and tuition remission includes (as per the Office of the Registrar's webpage):

  • Student Services Fee - $376.00
  • Tuition - $3,814.00
  • Partial Campus Fees - $100.00
  • Graduate Student Health Insurance (GSHIP) - $1,619.00
  • Nonresident Supplemental Tuition (non-California residents or international students) - $5,034.00

Total Quarterly Fees (California Resident/US Citizen): $5,909.00

Total Quarterly Fees (Non-California Resident/International Student): $10,943.00

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