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Finding Funding for Arts Faculty & Grad Students

1. Arts Quarterly

Mailing sent out quarterly, listing major grants and fellowships for creative and scholarly research. Updated on a quarterly basis and sent to all Faculty and Graduate students in the Arts Division.

Faculty Lists for Funding Opportunities for Creative Practice & Scholarly Inquiry 

Grad Student Lists for Funding Opportunities for Creative Practice & Scholarly Inquiry 

2. UCSC Arts Funding Opportunities

UCSC Grants for Faculty

Arts Research Institute

Comittee on Research (COR) Grants -  January
COR Travel Grants -  rolling
Foundation Board Opportunity Fund - rolling
Hellman Fellowship for Assistant Professors - February
Institute for Humanities Research Clusters - May
Porter College - multiple

UCSC Grants for Graduate Students

Arts Dean’s Fund for Excellence – rolling
Graduate Division Fellowships Listmultiple
Porter College Teaching Fellowship - April

Additional opportunities announced throughout the year.

3. External Arts Funding Opportunities By Field (Faculty and Grads)

These funding opportunities are field specific. We include approximate dates as these grants and fellowships are recurring. For updated dates, visit the pages linked.

4. Fellowships & Postdocs for Creative Practice and Scholarly Inquiry

5. Grant Forward 

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