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Creating and Linking to an Anchor

An anchor allow you to jump to a given point on a page.  Creating them is simple.

  • The place you want to jump to is the anchor.  The anchor has a name.  (The name has no spaces or funny characters.)
  • When you want to create a link to an anchor, you give a hashmark, then the name:  #my-anchor.

 To create an anchor in text, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the location you wish people to be able to jump to.
  2. Click the cursor to the beginning of the section you want people to arrive at.
  3. Click the anchor button.  A dialog box will open.
  4. Give the anchor a name -- no spaces or special characters.  Let's call it my-anchor.
  5. Now go back to the place where you wish to place the link to this anchor.  Select the text you want to be the link.
  6. Click the link button.  A dialog box will open.  
    • If the anchor is on the same page as the link, just put the anchor name preceded by a hash-mark:  #my-anchor.
    • If the anchor is on a different page, give the url of that page, followed by the hash-mark and anchor:
  7. Click Insert to close the dialog box.
  8. Save the page.  You're done.