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Events Pages

1.  Make sure you are logged in to the site.  See Logging In for instructions.

2.  In the side navigation, click on Create Content.  You can do this from anywhere in the website.  If you don’t see that option, it’s because you’re not logged in.

3.  You will be taken to a Create Content page.  Click on Event.  

Note that special permission is required to promote an event to the home page.  Three items must be filled in correctly for an item to appear on the Arts Division home page:  

  1. the event must start today or later
  2. the event must be "Published" in Publishing Options, and
  3. the event must be "Promoted to Front Page" in Publishing Options.

4.  Fill out the page that appears.  Here are some guidelines:

Title. This field is what will appear at the top of the browser window.

Subtitle. This only appears in the main or full view. Keep it short.

Event Image Upload an image of the event (Choose File / Upload).  The file can be up to 2 MB.  Event images are handled by the system like this:

  • Use image at required dimensions (actual 542x360) at 72 dpi or greater.
  • On the event's “full story” page, the larger dimension of the image will be scaled (down or up) to 542 pixels wide.
  • On the "listings" pages, the larger dimension will be scaled down to a smaller size.
  • Cropping of images starts in the middle.  For particularly tall images, you will want to pre-crop to make sure you have interesting content roughly in the middle.
  • Drupal will take the image you upload, save the original, and make multiple versions to serve on pages. It makes a page's version the first time someone views the page with that version on it, and not before.  So the first load can be a little slow.

Menu settings.  This will be filled in automatically. 

Body.  This is the main text for the page.  Edit using the Word-like editing box and tools.

If you want to insert a link in the body copy, select the word or word you want to link to a new page, click on the “chain” icon, fill out the “Insert/Edit Link” box that appears, and click the Insert button in that box.
To remove a link, select the text associated with the link and click the “broken chain” icon. 

Event URL This is a link to an external site, video, etc. with additional information about the event. 

Event Date Range  Fill out this field for every event. It is used on list pages and short blurbs.

  • For events with a single occurrence,  enter the day + starting time as "From date" and the day + ending time as "To date".
  • For events with multiple occurrences, enter the day of the first occurrence as "From date" and the day of the last occurrence as "To date". Enter the times as 00:00.

Event Calendar Date(s)  Fill out this field for every event also It is used to make the calendar view and to generate lists of dates for a show. [currently no Calendar View as of Sept 2016].

  • For events with a single occurrence, just enter the day + starting time as "From date" and the day + ending time as "To date".
  • For events with multiple occurrences, enter the dates like this: 
  1. Enter the "From date" and "To date" as the same date -- the date of the first occurrence. Enter the time as 00:00 unless all occurrences take place at the same time, in which case enter the starting time in From and the ending time in To. 
  2. In the Repeat section, choose the frequency as "Every" and "Days". 
  3. For Until, give the date of the last occurrence. 
  4. Click Advanced. Command-click to choose, for example, every Thursday, every Friday, every Saturday, every Sunday. (This means, every one of those days within the date range you established in #1 and #3 above. The date range takes precedence over the days of the week.) 
  5. If there is a holiday, for example, when a performance will not take place or a gallery will be closed, click on Except and choose that date. To enter multiple exceptions (this is a kludge) finish filling out the form, save, edit again, and you'll have an additional "Except" field appear.

Division Home Page Listing Expires On.  This is the day that an event will be taken off the Division home page.  Leave this blank if an event will not appear on the home page.

Location, Event Type.  These are self-explanatory.

URL Path Aliases.  This will be filled in automatically.

Publishing Options.  Important!  Click on Publishing Options to display its options.  Both "Published" and "Promoted to Front Page" must be checked for an item to appear on the home page.

OK, you're done.  Click Save at the bottom of the page. Preview what your event looks like and how lines break within the listing. OK?