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The Home Page Ticker

RENT at UCSCU, photo credit: Steve DiBartolomeo

At the top of the home page, the website will display up to six items in a news ticker format.  To create a news item that will be linked in the ticker at the top of the home page, take these steps:

  1. Create a new node of type "News Link."
  2. Give the page a title in the Title field, but understand that this title will likely not be seen by visitors.  A title is needed because the Title field is a required field.
  3. In the Website field, enter the text that will appear in the ticker in the Title subfield.
  4. Still in the Website field, enter the URL that users should be sent to in the URL subfield.
  5. At the bottom of the page under Publishing Options, check the "Published" and "Promoted to Front Page" boxes.
  6. Note that if there are more than six items, the six that were most recently posted will be displayed.