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Photo Resources

Future Gardens Installation
Here are places you can look for images of Arts Division students, faculty, staff, performances and artworks.

Artsfiles Server

There are two big folders are on the Artsfiles server:  afp://

1.  Julie’s photo archive is in Shared Files/Photos.  It is large, 35 GB of photos.
In the Photos folder, be sure not to overlook the "Steve DiBartolomeo Links on Google” folder, which contains a file with links to tons of excellent images by Steve — theater, dance, opera, etc.

2.  Julie’s working files are in Shared Files/Design.  (This might be less useful.)

Division and Department Websites

Also, pay attention to the websites, some of which are quite photo rich, and have already been curated by the departments (and usually also Julie and me):

3.  Arts Division site

4.  Art Dept:  

5.  DANM:
    *  Student works:

6.  Games:
    * Student projects:
    * Images from events:

7.  HAVC:
    *  Undergrad student projects:
    *  News stories, many of grad student research, some with great images (this is a secret page, not linked anywhere, I just made it for this):

8.  Music
    * Selected performance videos:
    * Some good stills in the pages linked from here:
    * Steve DiBartolomeo’s photos will help here.

9.  Theater
    * Past Shows (the occasional good photo here):
    * Steve DiBartolomeo’s photos are best to use here.

10.  Film
    This is the only remaining Drupal 6 site, and has not undergone the organization that happens with the upgrade.  We are starting it in the next week or two.
    *  Listing of completed Soc Doc projects, with links to trailers: