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Arts Website Block Configurations

Block Configuration (xxx//* means directories xxx and xxx/*)
Primary links except news_events//*, calendar
Facebook logo all
Creativity+Innovation logo creativity_innovation/**
Primary Links - Arts Events news_events//*, calendar//*
Dean's Lecture Series 2012 Header lectures/dean-lecture-series-2012//*
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Left sidebar  
Side Navigation - Arts Events news_events//*, calendar//*, lectures//*
Programs Menu programs//*
 Internships Menu internships//* 
Images Menu images//*
Giving Menu giving//*, features/featured-donors//*
Dean Menu dean/**
Documentation Menu documentation//*
Computing Menu computing//*
Center for Art as Social Practice Menu programs/centers/art-as-social-practice//*
Arts Administration Menu administration//*
Navigation all
Bridging the Gap Sponsors bridgingthegap
To Do to-do//*
Museum Menu museum//*
WACM Menu programs/wacm//*
Top Right Box  
Seat Naming Blocks: left seatnaming
Seat Naming Blocks: middle seatnaming
Seat Naming Blocks: right seatnaming
Giving Dots by roles!  Fix.
Top BG Chunk by roles!  Fix
Bridging the Gap Participants bridgingthegap//*
Views Slideshows: Giving Slideshow


Museum Circle Logo museum//*
Museum Black and Red Logo museum/* (sic)
Museum Logo, Blue museum
Featured Faculty Logo features/featured-faculty//*
Featured Student Logo features/featured-student//*
Featured Artist Logo features/featured-artists, features/featured-artist/*
Featured Donor Logo features/featured-donors, features/featured-donor/*
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Dean's Lecture Series 2012 Sponsors


US Bank Logo lectures/dean-lecture-series-2012
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Small Arts Logo creativity_innovation//*, lectures//*
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Front Page Right (this region is only output on the home page)
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News Logo all
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