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Film Website Block Configurations

Block Configuration (xxx//* means directories xxx and xxx/*)
Navigation Region  
Primary Links all
phd menu phd//*
Book Navigation (is this ued?) all
Left Sidebar Region  
Navigation all
News+Events Menu news_events//*
Faculty Menu faculty//*
Alumni Menu alumni//*
Contact Menu contact//*
Search all pages except news_events
Program Menu and Submenus program//*, courses//*, phd_program//*, phd_program/students
faculty videos faculty
faculty handbook faculty_handbook//*
Soic Doc Menu socdoc//*
Soc Doc Students Menu socdoc/students//*
Top Right Box Region  
phd secondary menu phd//*
faculty works faculty
news events title news_events//*
colloquium list news_events
phd slideshow phd//*
socdoc logo with stripe socdoc//*
socdoc sidebar socdoc/* (sic)
Bottom Right Box Region  
front page navigation <front>
Content Region  
news events block news_events
faculty works list faculty/* (sic)
clear the bottom is this used?  no config, empty.
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secondary links all pages
slogan media consumers slant up contact