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Installing Drush on OS 10.6 server

This guide assumes 10.6 server is fully updated meaning the installed PHP version is 5.3+.


Installing necessary tools

Homebrew requires  the XCode 3.2.5 command line tools. The dmg can be found in the Apple Developer Downloads. (

The latest XQuartz can be found at


Installing Homebrew (using

Paste the following into a Terminal prompt and follow instructions: 

% ruby -e "$(curl -fsSkL"

If the installation is successful, you will be prompted to run the command:

% brew doctor

The Terminal will then provide the status of your Homebrew install. If Homebrew is not ready to go, common issues include outdated XQuarts and outdated git. The first can be remedied by downloading the latest XQuartz from the page linked above, while the former simply needs the following command: 

% brew install git

Once Homebrew is ready, the command: brew doctor, will return "Your system is raring to brew."


Installing Drush (using

Drush is a PHP component available through the PEAR distribution system and can therefore be installed over the PEAR channel with the following commands:

% sudo pear channel-discover
% sudo pear install drush/drush

However, these commands tend to fail, and it may be necessary to run the following sequence:


% sudo pear upgrade --force Console_Getopt
% sudo pear upgrade --force pear
% sudo pear upgrade-all

This should complete the drush install