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Block Configuration (xxx//* means directories xxx and xxx/*)
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People Short Menu people/*, faculty//*
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Research Menu research//*
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Events Menu news_events//*, MFA_2012//*
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DANM Logo all except <front>, research/collaborative_research, research, mechatronics, research/participatory-culture, research/playable-media
Program, Contact Header Title Block programs//*, contact//*
Alumni Header people/alumni//*
Current Students Header people/student-list//*, people/students//*, students//*
Collab Research Header
Mechatronics Header research/mechatronics//*
Participatory Culture Header


Performative Tech Block research/performative-technologies//*
Playable Media Block research/playable-media//*
News+Events Title Header Block news_events//*
Events: News+Events Main Page Middle Column Block news_events
Events: News+Events Main Page Right Column Block news_events
Admissions Title Header Block news_events/* ???
Project Groups: Mechatronics - Current, Future, Most Recent research/mechatronics
Project Groups: Participatory Culture - Current, Future, Most Recent research/participatory-culture
Project Groups: Performative Technologies - Current, Future, Most Recent research/performative-technologies
Project Groups: Playable Media - Current, Future, Most Recent research/playable-media
MFA Show 2012 Header mfa_2012//*
Slideshows: MFA 2012 Slideshow Block gallery/apr-28-29-may-3-6-ive-got-something-your-mind-danm-mfa-exhibition-2012
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